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1) To whom is BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt offering its services?

BNPPARIBAS.NET is offered to all our individual and corporate customers. Any customer with a computer (PC or Mac), modem and Internet access can use BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt. With BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt you can remotely monitor and manage your accounts, anytime, anywhere.

2) What is the geographical coverage of BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt?

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt can be accessed from any country connected to the Internet all over the world.

3) What are the services offered by BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt?

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt allows you to display balances and statements of transactions recorded over the last 45 days, from specific accounts registered under your subscription.

You can efficiently:

1. Manage your accounts by transferring funds between accounts registered on BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt.

2. Transfer to any account within BNPPARIBAS locally or worldwide.

3. Give instructions to transfer funds abroad.

In addition, BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt allows you to keep track of your card transactions.

4) What kind of accounts can be registered with BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt?

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt offers two services: one for individual customers and the other for corporate customers.

You can register all your cheque accounts, joint accounts or savings accounts on BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt subscription. You can keep track of your fixed term deposits, your loan position and other accounts.

5) Can I request any transfers via internet?

a) What are the transfers that I can carry out?

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt allows you to execute transfer requests between accounts registered in your subscription. You have the choice between deferred or immediate transfer (deferred: 2 calendar months maximum). It can be either account to account transfer or account to third party transfer.

b) Are there any limits to transfers?

The amount of each transfer must not exceed the amount of the credit balance of the account to be debited, plus the amount of any transaction pending for posting and inclusive of any authorized overdraft or cash facility.

For deferred transfer, these controls are carried out on the requested execution date. If the balance of your account is not sufficient on that date, your transfer cannot be executed.

For Individual accounts: you can transfer up to a daily maximum of EGP 100,000
with a minimum of EGP 100.

For Corporate accounts: you can transfer up to a daily maximum of EGP 2 million with a minimum of EGP 100,000.

c) Can I view the history of all transfers performed via Internet banking?

You can display the history of all your transfer requests for the last 5 days. You can also cancel any deferred transfer requests order starting the following day of the request and until one day before the requested execution date.

d) Are the transfers done immediately?

A transfer does not mean immediate execution.

In the event of a phone line cut for example, confirmation of your transfer request may have failed to reach BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt. To be sure that your request has been saved, please consult the history of your requests immediately after sending your transfer order.

e) Cut off time for transfers

Instructions received before 1 p.m. on any working day will be executed on the same day. Otherwise, such instructions will be carried out on the next working day.

6) Can I order cheque books online?

Chequebooks can be ordered from the "Services" function.
You can order up to 20 chequebooks/ order provided that previous ordered chequebooks are not still held at your branch.
Your chequebooks are either held at your branch or sent at your own expenses to your address by registered mail.

7) How do I subscribe to BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt?

To be able to get access to BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt, you need to get a subscription. For that, you have to fill in the BNPPARIBAS.NET application form at your branch. Then, both a user name and a password will be sent to you in 2 separate mails. Once you receive them, you will be able to use BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt.

You can also add, delete, and modify the accounts display list of your subscription through the site.
For any further information, please contact your BNP Paribas local branch.

8) What are the equipment and software needed to access BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt?

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt can be used:

- on a PC running with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 or XP;

- on a Macintosh with OS 9 or upgrade version.

It is optimized for versions 6.0 & later of Netscape Navigator and 5.5 & later of Internet Explorer.

BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt uses the JAVA SCRIPT technology, particularly to execute coherence controls of entered data (syntax, data format...). We recommend you to activate this feature in your browser.

9) How do I Logon?

a) How do I Logon?

To access BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt, you must enter your ID and password.

For security reasons:

- We advise you to regularly change your password without waiting for our recommendation to do so.

-There is a limit to the number of incorrect entries when keying in your password. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, your BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt subscription will be locked out. To unlock your subscription, either wait for automatical unlocking within 24hrs, send your request to the following email address :

b) What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget or lose your password, only your local branch is allowed to issue you a new one. If needed, please contact your account officer, or send your request to the following email address: get a new password by mail as soon as possible.

c) How do I change my password?

To change your password, after you have been identified, click on "Personal Settings" and then follow the instructions given to you online. Your password must be numerical only and contain 6 digits. Do not associate your password with anything personal such as birthdays or phone numbers for security reasons.

10) What about the cookies that I have to accept when I log on?

The cookies allow the BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt server to identify the user of the service. It is not stored on your hard disk. Usually, once you have been identified after entering your ID and password, the BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt server sends a cookie to your workstation to keep the link active between the user and BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt server for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of inactivity or when you close your browser, these cookies are deleted. The connection is no longer established with the server and you must identify yourself again to gain access to your accounts.

If you deny the installation of these cookies, the connection will not be set up with the BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt server and you will not be able to have access to your accounts.

You should accept these cookies to gain access to BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt.

Please remember to deactivate the cookies filter feature in your browser, otherwise you will be unable to access your accounts via BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt.

The identification procedure for BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt can not in any case be automated by these cookies. This automation is not desirable for security reasons.

11) Which security features have been used by BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt to ensure privacy of information on the Internet?

Several data security technologies have been used:

First, you will receive a confidential ID and password to access your account information. After 100 logins with the same password, BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt will automatically ask you to change it.

Furthermore, in the case of 3 repeated fraudulent attempts, access to BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt is immediately locked out.

Identification data and information concerning your accounts are encrypted with SSL technology throughout the exchange between your PC and BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt.

For total security, BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt recommends that you:

- Clear your browser cache after each BNPPARIBAS.NET Egypt session.

- Close your browser after each session.

Do not let your browser save SSL pages.

12) How can I get the best display?

To get the best display, we recommend the following settings:

- With Netscape, use the Times New Roman font in 10;

- With Internet Explorer, use the "smallest" font.

13) Charges to use this service

Any change to the tariffs will be notified to you at least 15 days before its date of effect, by any appropriate means, particularly in the help section, through specific messages or by a letter sent by BNP Paribas Le Caire.

Only your local branch is allowed to handle any disputes concerning this service.

14) How can I contact the bank if I have any further inquiries?

You have different ways to contact us:

a) You may use the following email address:

b) Call our Customer Support Desk on 79 49 782

c) Call your branch

d) Directly call your account officer or visit him/her.

These pages provide a general information about BNP Paribas Le Caire products and services. They do not imply any commitment from the bank. BNP Paribas Le Caire reserves the right to modify the contents herein.

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